Who wants to talk about incontinence products and wipes?

Lynn Wilson (listen to our interview here) along with her husband Tom do! They own The CareGiver Partnership and answer phone calls every day from family caregivers who need incontinence and other care products.

I can’t imagine ever having to help my dad with incontinence or bathing issues. I’m sure many of you shudder just thinking about it. It’s not uncommon: your mom is in the hospital and at discharge time, you are told that she will need help with bathing and toileting. And you’re thinking, “What? Where do I get training for that?” You go to your local box store and get utterly confused in the adult product isle. Who do you ask for help? You either leave defeated or grab something, anything, that seems like it will work.

This scenario reminds me of buying feminine protection for the first time! How to choose? It can be overwhelming, so when I run across a company like The CareGiver Partnership, I smile. They will answer your tough questions. They will listen to you and help you find a solution that will work.


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