Wait until you retire to travel

Good thought, but doesn’t always work. How many times have you heard stories about your neighbor who put off travel until retirement, only to be met by a stroke and have to give up his dreams to travel?

My maternal grandfather waited. And then his Huntington’s disease spoiled his dreams of a retirement full of adventure.

In The Unexpected Caregiver, I provide creative suggestions of how to physically travel and also mentally travel from the comfort of your own home. Add to my suggestions the ideas of Thomas P. Stern of Assisted Vacation. Whether it’s Alzheimer’s disease or physical issues, the Assisted Vacation team will build a travel vacation that supports both caregivers and care receivers. So if you’ve always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower, for example, but your spouse has Parkinson’s disease and you don’t know how you’d manage, Thomas’ team can help!

I interviewed Thomas on “The Unexpected Caregiver Radio Show” and he shares how his team creates person-centered travel. You can vacation with care issues because you have a professional caregiver accompanying you and the vacation has been designed around you.

If you love travel, look at your options rather than giving up all together. And if you’re providing care to an aging parent and have been putting off your own travel dreams, stop and take a breath. How can you fulfill those travel dreams today?

When I first read Ken Dychtwald’s idea of a cyclic life in his book The Age Wave, I jumped up and down. Imagine if we went to school for a few years, worked a couple more, then took time off, continuing with this pattern throughout our lives. Instead of waiting for a time when we have “enough” money and “enough” time, we jump in and make travel part of our lives.

Waiting until retirement, until the kids are gone, or until you have enough money doesn’t always work. I encourage you to ask how you can make your travel dreams come through today. With groups like Assisted Vacation, illness and even end of life doesn’t have to be the cold water thrown on your travel dreams. Imagine traveling at any age. And in any condition.

I welcome your ideas and questions. Happy traveling!

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