There is No “Right” Way of Being a Caregiver

Kari Berit looking sympatheticWe are our own worst critics. The niggling voices in our heads suggesting we haven’t done enough or accomplished tasks correctly are simply…pests. Tell them to go away. (Which is easier said than done.)

Caregiving provides us ample fodder to be extraordinarily hard on ourselves. It’s a tough job. The job is about giving, but not to the point of emptying your own bucket of resources. As caregivers, we must also take care of ourselves. (Again, easier said than done.) But when we neglect self-care, we become overly critical of the care we give to others and that’s when we judge.

Just for a week, try putting yourself on the gentle cycle. There is not one right way of being a caregiver. Be yourself and be smart. Contact me if you need support.

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