Senior Housing and Services Providers

"Kari presentation exceeded my expectations and contributed to one of our best meetings ever." -Roxann Rogers Meyer, Immanuel Senior Living, NEFor Staff

Professional caregivers need to know how to connect with those they care for—quickly, showing genuine interest and on a timeline—while providing assistance with daily tasks. These short interactions are a challenge, let alone adding a dementia component to the mix. In the day-to-day care, communication can become defensive and hurtful. Family and loved ones can come across as unappreciative. And those you care for can be just plain cranky. Professional caregivers need to learn tools that help them relate to different personalities, family members and staff. This workshop will help you build a more creative, fun and supportive tool kit to engage care receivers, communicate clearly and bring more joy into your work … with less stress!

For Activity Directors

Your residents don’t have to lose it … Include a mental fitness program in your activity calendar and teach your residents about brain health. Don’t use age as an excuse. It is possible to work your mind out like you do your body. Learn the Aerobics of the Mind workout and discover how simple exercises can help you grow a stronger mind, think more clearly and forget less. Using her Mental Fitness Instructor’s Guide, Kari will show you how to seamlessly add healthy mental fitness programs into your calendars.

For Your Clients, their Families
and Prospective Clients

Educating all involved parties on their role in the caregiving process will reduce conflict and stress and creates a positive feeling about your community.

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