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Managing the Risk of Long-term Care

Baby Boomers—the very people you want to gain as clients—are providing long-term “caring” to their parents and other loved ones. (Half of the nation’s 78 million Boomers will eventually provide that care; 11 million already do.)

Within this unexpected relationship, a substantial number will become aware of a troubling question for their own later years: Who’s going to do this for us?

Not many people can talk about aging and caregiving, addressing the issues as enthusiastically and tenderly as Kari Berit. She disarms the issues surrounding aging and caregiving, drawing people to your doors for help.

Typically, adults 55+ live in denial about aging and caregiving. Successfully reaching them demands that we first raise awareness of the consequences of not adequately preparing. Then, and only then, can we successfully provide risk management solutions. Kari Berit and your company can do this more effectively together.

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“Kari’s discussion hits on the emotional part of Long Term Care needs. It gets to the heart of the client’s concerns, rather than just talking about our products’ features and benefits. Because of this approach, the audience is much more engaged than the typical seminar. This is not a typical sales seminar. It was informative, entertaining and opens the door for agents to have conversations with clients afterward.

One agent said, ‘If I knew it was going to be this good, I would have worked harder to get more people there.’ Another agent wrote me saying, ‘Like many of us, I’ve attended plenty of presentations that come across as sales pitchy, but this was anything but. It felt like a caring and honest discussion of issues that most of us face and at the same time, our clients are bright enough to figure out how we can help, without being hit over the head with it, as is sometimes the case.’

Kari creates a recipe for getting the most out of the seminar, from who to invite and how to get them there, to the follow-up afterwards. She called a few agents personally to coach them with best practices. The agents that followed this recipe had the most success. She was wonderful in helping me promote the event, attracting 20 additional clients from her brief radio interviews.

We ended up with 100 clients at the seminar: 8 agents participated; 4 agents each sold 4–5 LTC policies. Kari is very entertaining and does a fantastic job.”

– Kevin Lehman, AFE, State Farm Insurance