Community Groups and Religious Organizations

“Kari has the ability to achieve full participation of the attendees, and as a former schoolteacher, I shall have to note that such is no small accomplishment. [She is] able to recognize the abilities, talents and skills of those in the groups and to integrate them into a successful whole effort.”
—P. Irvin, CLV Elderhostel participant, Dallas, TX

A growing number of people find themselves thrust into a caregiver role, often with little warning or preparation. Where do you get emotional training for this role?

Community groups and religious organizations find Kari Berit to be the perfect speaker to address these important issues. Armed with facts and humor, together we’ll explore the needs of caregivers—from mental fitness resources to communication tips.

Popular Presentations:

  • The Aging Journey Sample Flyer [pdf]
  • Help! I’m Turning Into My Mother [pdf]
  • The Unexpected Caregiver® [pdf]
  • Take Charge of Your Brain [pdf]
  • Women and the Caregiver Casserole [pdf]

Kari Berit creates a warm, safe, upbeat environment in which to deal with some of life’s scariest questions— the ones that come as their parents age and face difficult choices:

  • Will I be able to physically care for my parent(s)?
  • What about my siblings?
  • How do I honor “’Til death do us part” when my spouse has Alzheimer’s Disease?
  • Will my parents stay in their home or need to move to senior housing?
  • Will they be able to continue driving safely?
  • Are they depressed?
  • Do I need to mention this to their doctor?

Tough questions all—and, for many Boomers and their parents, the only thing tougher is talking about them now, while there’s time to consider a full range of options and make plans the whole family can support.