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The Unexpected Caregiver® is radio for the many who find themselves stepping up to care for an aging family member. They’re not trained caregivers. In many cases they haven’t planned for this. So now what?

With the aging of our population, this is a growing issue impacting Baby Boomer and older Gen-X audiences. The Unexpected Caregiver is here to help. It’s an upbeat program offering expert advice, knowledgeable guests and a healthy dose of laughter. Learn more about the program here.

Kari Berit is an experienced, polished radio host, speaker, author and caregiving expert. Learn more about Kari Berit here.

The program offers a flexible format to appeal to a wide range of station needs:

  • One-minute daily or weekly Caregiver Minutes
  • Half-hour weekly show
  • Hour-long weekly show
  • Customized lengths are available

The Unexpected Caregiver is free to stations, thanks to its sponsors.

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Opportunity & Value

The Unexpected Caregiver offers stations the opportunity to provide an important public service while engaging local sponsors whose products or services are relevant to the Baby Boomer and older Gen-X audiences, as well as engaged seniors.

The Unexpected Caregiver is syndicated by Kari Berit. To request information on carrying the program, please use our contact form.