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Adaptive Equipment Resources from Adaptive Equipment for Older Adults with Angelene Volpatti, Occupational Therapist from Hospice of Dayton, OH. (Dec 18, 2014)

Aug 28, 2014: Anne Elizabeth Denny’s book, My Voice, My Choice: A Practical Guide to Writing a Meaningful Healthcare Directive.

June 5, 2014: A Stressful Part of Caregiving: Hospitalization, with Anne Tumlinson; follow on twitter @annetumlinson; linkedin anne-tumlinson

April 3, 2014-Remote Help for caregivers who need dementia support, with Ellen Belk and Keep in Mind, Inc.

Feb 20, 2014-Post Caregiving with Dick Schaaf. Dick first told his story about he and his wife’s decision to take in Mom/Mother-in-law. On a second show he shared an update and now on this third show, he winds up his story and shares his experience of caring for mom-in-law in their home.

Feb 6, 2014: Repeat–Organizing Your Life’s Work-understanding the gift of getting all your documents in order with My Legacy Make Easy

Jan 30, 2014: A communication app for caregivers-Tryn Rose Seley tells us about the new android app for caregivers.“Alzheimer’s Story Starters” for Android on – Free. Search “Story Starters” for the ‘blue books’ icon. Previous radio interview with Tryn on her fabulous book “15 Minutes of Fame.”

Jan 2, 2014: Taking Care of X-Husband Parts I and II: Karen Scarpulla is author of Walking Toward the Light: A Journey in Forgiveness and Death.

Dec 19, 2013: Blue Hydrangeas, a novel by Marianne Sciucco. Past two shows referred to in this interview: Making Choices with Jill Johnson; Basics of Long Term Care Insurance with Deb Newman

Nov 28, 2013: 101 Awesome Gifts to Give-with author Elaine Wilkes. Elaine also discusses the Blue Button program and Caring Bridge.

Nov 21, 2013: 10 Financial Mistakes to Avoid. Death or divorce can leave some without financial know-how. Aaron Britz of Legacy Wealth Management lends support.

Nov 7, 2013: What is Young Onset Alzheimer’s Disease? A personal story from Michael Ellenbogen

Oct 30, 2013: Loss and Money with Aaron Britz of Legacy Wealth Management, specializing in assisting women with financial health.

Sept 26, 2013: Be in Charge of Your Choices with Jill Johnson (763-571-3101), Johnson Consulting Services

Sept 19, 2013: Fitness for Caregivers-Strength Coach Doug Barsanti gives invaluable fitness tips

Sept 12, 2013: Knocking on Heaven’s Door by Katy Butler

Aug 9: Aging and Sex-with Bloomberg News Reporter Bryan Gruley

Aug 22: Older Adults & Addiction

  • The Retreat-residential and after-work programs for alcohol and drug help

Aug 15: Claim Jockey-Getting long term care insurance claims paid with Gary Marx, 651-224-0709

Aug 8: Reboot Your Life in 21-Days with with Robert V. Taylor

Aug 1: Why do I need training to care for someone with Alzheimer’s disease? Pam Brammann helps listeners understand how a little training helps make your caregiving easier.

July 23: Organizing Your Life’s Work-understanding the gift of getting all your documents in order with My Legacy Make Easy

July 18: Assisted Vacations for Caregivers and Families with Thomas. P. Stern

June 27: Never Too Old to Mentor with John Young, founder of

June 20: Music Therapy & Stroke Rehabilitation with Melissa Hirokowa

  • Past show with Music Therapist on general information on how using music therapy can help support your loved one and you.

June 13: Caring for the Caregiver with Terri Lindgren

  • Someone you know ill? Watch what you say and to whom:

May 30: Giving Too Much and How to Help Yourself with Robin Collins

May 16: Soul Service-Caring for a dying loved one with Christine Cowgill

  • Soul Service: A Hospice Guide to the Emotional and Spiritual Care for the Dying

May 9: The Call-A Mother’s Day Tribute with Anke Van De Waal

May 2: Stories of Hope from God’s Hotel with Dr. Victoria Sweet

April 25: Caring from a Distance with Dr. Jim McCabe

April 18: Caregivers as Advocates for loved ones with dementia with Lori LaBey

April 11: What to Do When Someone Dies with Scott Taylor Smith

April 4: Caregiving and Hormones with Dr. Sara Gottfried, author of “The Hormone Cure

Long Term Care State of the Union with Deb Newman of Newman Long Term Care

  • Request Women’s Guide to Long Term Care Planning by calling 612-454-4400

The Ease of Estate Sales with Dana Arvidson of Estate Sale Minnesota

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words with Tryn Rose Seley

Making the Move Gentle-When it’s time to move Mom and Dad

Every Caregiver Needs a Lift

Ethical Wills-The Personal Will

Girlfriends with Aging Parents

The Senior Linkage Line

  • Senior Linkage Line is a service of the MN Board on Aging and the Metro Area Agency on Aging. 1-800-333-2433

Caregiving is the Silent Crisis

Music Therapy Supporting Your Loved One and You

Products you don’t want to discuss but must

  • The CareGiverPartnership offers products and a knowledgable product specialist team to help you purchase products that will assist you in giving care. Toll Free: 800-985-1353
  • Lynn’s book, Negotiate Anything, code UD29U

Using Memory Magz to Connect with Your Loved Ones with Ellen Belk

You Better Not Die or I’ll Kill You (*show title same as author’s book)

Inside Dementia: A Daughter’s Journey with author Martha Stettinius

Unexpected Roles for Unexpected Caregivers-a conversation with Cynthia and Wayne

A Caregiver’s Role-Welcome back Coy Cross

Family or Guardian? A conversation with attorney David Hvistendahl

Technology Enabled Care

Call Tubman for Caregiver Help, Jim Tift: 612-870-2454 or 1-800-893-4055

Own Your Future with Deb Newman, Phone: 612-454-4400

Nancy Lee, Keeping Your Home Fall Safe

The Dhance by Coy F Cross – A Caregivers Search For Meaning

Caring for Mom with Depression – A Conversation with Teri Knight

Comfort in the New Normal with author, Val Walker

  • Medical Equipment For Your Independence, a conversation with Francis Sheehy of Liberty Oxygen

The Impact of Health Care Reform on Caregivers with Director of AARP Minnesota, Michele Kimball

Sorting Out Home Care Options with Jeanne Jones (952-500-8750) or CareMinders

Misconceptions of Military Support (Call 211 for help) (Beyond the yellow Ribbon)

Women and Loss, with Aaron Britz of Legacy Wealth Management  Resource tip from Aaron:

 3 In 4 Need Moretour update with Dr. Marion Somers

Vision Issues, with Kate Grathwol (612-871-2222) or Vision Loss Resources

Learning to Reconnect with Assisted Living Staff,  with Anthony Cirillo

Relief From Stress and Anxiety with Breathing with Laurie Ellis Young (612-327-1116)

Journeying through early onset Alzheimer’s disease with Rick Phelps (biographer, Gary Joseph LeBlanc)