About the Show

Ready or not, you’re a caregiver. The Unexpected Caregiver® radio program with Kari Berit will help arm family caregivers with valuable help on getting the proper care for and reconnecting with their aging parents.

Kari Berit creates a warm, safe, upbeat environment in which to deal with some of life’s scariest questions – the ones that come as our parents age and face difficult choices:

  • Will I be able to physically care for my parent(s)?
  • What about my siblings? What roles do we all play?
  • How do I honor “’Til death do us part” when my spouse has Alzheimer’s Disease?
  • Will my parents stay in their home or need to move to senior housing?
  • Will they be able to continue driving safely?
  • Are they depressed?
  • Do I need to mention this to their doctor?

The Unexpected Caregiver has developed a loyal listenership and will provide a valuable resource for the many listeners who find themselves stepping up to help care for aging family members or friends.

“Thank you for the great service you are doing not only for southern Minnesota listeners but to those of us across the country who listen via the world wide web!”
— The Unexpected Caregiver radio show listener