Music Makes the World Go ‘Round

(Thanks for your patience! I’ve corrected the radio link at “Listen in.” I will get this!)

I had the pleasure of interviewing Music Therapist Michele Hirokowa. Her explanations of just how music can be used as a therapy with your loved ones is clear and right on. Music can change a mood, calm you down, or simply keep you company in the background. But music also has powers to evoke memories, both good and bad. Melissa explains how working with a trained therapist can help process those emotions. Besides that, she’s just a whole lot of energy and fun. Listen in.

And speaking of using music to bring people together, my intern Sarah Bosch, now living and teaching in Gwangju, the sixth largest city in South Korea, posted a music video she produced with her kids. It is precious! No reason we all couldn’t produce fun music videos with our care receivers. Heck, it may be a great way to tell their story. Thanks Sarah for your shining example.

Music enlivens and enlarges our worlds. Don’t be afraid to listen to your children’s music. Tune in to what they hear. Ask questions; don’t judge. You may just learn something about your kids you never knew. And make a rich connection.

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