Mental Fitness Challenge – The Five Areas of Brain Health

Ready to start contemplating changes you’d like to make to create a fitter brain?

Brainstorm in each of the five areas just what you’d like to improve. For example, in the area of nutrition, I am increasing the amount of fruit I eat. My diet has consistently been healthy, but I don’t eat a great deal of fruit. I will be working on adding in fruit. (More on the “how” later—for now, focus on the “what.”)

  1. Mental Stimulation (challenging your brain with games, languages, changes)
  2. Nutrition (eating well to stimulate brain health—we’ll address further)
  3. Physical Activity (what is good for the body is good for the brain)
  4. Spirituality (connecting with the unknown, the inner part of you, using prayer and meditation)
  5. Socialization (avoiding isolation, engaging in life and in people)

I’ll go into richer detail with these five areas, but for now, simply focus on contemplation. Best to you!


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