About Kari Berit

Kari Berit brings years of experience and a passion for the subject of aging and caregiving.

An author, speaker, radio show host and regular column contributor, Kari is known for her wit, energy, kindness and insight. She is, as KPNW radio hosts proclaimed, “bubbly, effervescent fun.”

Kari Berit recognizes that caregiving is a huge concern for millions of people around the globe. In her dynamic presentations, she gives simple, commonsense tips and tools to help sanely navigate the turbulent waters of caregiving. Through her storytelling, she shares concrete examples that illuminate everyday caregiving issues and challenges. Her S.A.N.E. Method (Supported, Appreciated, Not Guilty and Energized) provides tools which help you, the caregiver, take care of yourself.  

Some of the topics she discusses include:

  • Staying S.A.N.E. as a Caregiver
  • Normal aging vs. aging with disease
  • Family relationships
  • Understanding Age-Friendly Living Choices


Kari looks at herself as a catalyst to tackle the emotional issues of giving care. “I make it safe to talk about ‘elephant issues’ in a positive setting,” she says. “This enables
families to have an open dialogue about issues that affect their lives, and as a result we can make a difference in their lives.”

Kari’s experience and credentials include:

  • Host of The Unexpected Caregiver® radio show since 2009
  • Author of the books The Unexpected Caregiver and Mental Fitness Guide, and a regular column contributor
  • Popular speaker to industry associations, private business groups, financial companies, religious organizations, community groups and more
  • Past Director on the National Board of The Good Samaritan Society
  • Caregiver coach
  • Creator of the peer-to-peer Unexpected Caregiver Support Group
  • 13 years as resident manager, director, dementia care specialist and assisted living manager in senior housing facilities
  • Over 20 years of teaching and directing programs for older adults
  • B.A. in Psychology and Norwegian from St. Olaf College
  • M.S. in Continuing and Vocational Education from the University of Wisconsin

In 1996 Kari Berit launched Age In Motion with the goal of reaching the many people who work with older adults and the older adults themselves, instilling in them that aging is not inherently a negative stage of life. While working in the senior housing field, Kari created a visionary activity program for Marriott Senior Living called “The Life Enrichment Philosophy in Action.”

Under the Age In Motion brand she has developed numerous programs that serve older adults’ needs. As a consultant, Kari Berit works with organizations to create better older-adult-friendly programs, train senior-friendly sales staffs and educate corporations on the differences between the generations. she has also developed and led over 20 Elderhostel (Road Scholar) programs that include mental fitness.

In 2005, Kari Berit’s Mental Fitness Guide was published. It serves as an invaluable resource helping anyone who leads older adult programs to include the very important element of mental fitness.

Recognizing that caregiving is a huge concern for a large majority of the 78 million Baby Boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964), in 2007 Kari published a book, The Unexpected Caregiver (Attainment Company, Inc.), that supports both day-to-day and longer-term issues of caregiving for one’s parents.

Kari has now updated and revised The Unexpected Caregiver (Attainment Company, Inc., 2016),  presenting her S.A.N.E. Method, helping caregivers stay Supported, Appreciated, Not Guilty and Energized. She has included new chapters on current caregiver issues. Order her book here.

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