Kari Berit, passionate, authentic, down-to-earth, and fun. She connects immediately with her audiences. “She was talking about me,” “I feel like I’ve known her forever,” and “I feel energized after hearing her” are just a few of the participant comments that follow her keynotes.

Kari has spent her career helping people stay SANE* while juggling work, family and giving care. Her expertise lies in aging and caregiving, helping people deal with the unexpected challenges and turning them into opportunities for growth. She is the author of two books, The Unexpected Caregiver® and Mental Fitness Guide, both published by Attainment, and has hosted a weekly Unexpected Caregiver radio show. She contributes regular columns and articles on aging and caregiving topics and consults on peer-to-peer run caregiver support groups.

As a speaker and workshop leader, audience evaluations regularly cite Kari’s knowledge, presentation skills, insight and humor. For nearly 30 years, Kari has been addressing industry, associations, private business groups and financial & legal firms. Her proven expertise lies in helping professionals from a multitude of backgrounds and age groups tackle the challenges of aging and family caregiving.

In her book, The Unexpected Caregiver (2016: Attainment Company, Verona, WI), she outlines a wide range of simple, practical and activity-oriented tactics through which adult children can better connect with their parents. She also addresses the important element of self care for the caregiver through the S.A.N.E. Method–Supported, Appreciated, Not guilty, and Energized.”

As host of The Unexpected Caregiver radio show, Kari told engaging stories, interviewed other experts, and offered priceless and down-to-earth tips. For five years she committed to helping family caregivers with her weekly show. Her approach was positive, heartfelt and always included a healthy dose of laughter.

*SANE: Supported, Appreciated, Not Guilty, and Energized


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