Looking for the proverbial proof in the pudding

When faced with making changes and taking on new challenges, many of us struggle with patience. We want the results to come immediately. After one set of pushups, we want defined arm muscles. We tend to give up and look for the promise of a quicker fix. This mindset has crippled our ability to achieve long-term goals. Need proof? Just search the Internet for “keeping New Year’s resolutions.

It is for this reason I am finding the physical part of my mental fitness challenge particularly tough. Six weeks ago I started taking a multi-vitamin and supplement Vitamin D. What changes does one look for to know if their vitamins are making a difference? I’m not sure whether or not to credit avoiding several colds and a flu bug to the Vitamin D or a commitment to sleeping eight hours every night.

I had hoped that a motivational ending would come to me but find myself at a loss. Perhaps you could help me? Is this where faith comes in? Can you trick yourself into seeing changes by doing something instantaneous like coloring your hair, a completely out of character nail polish color or a temporary tattoo?


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