Long Term Care…It’s Not Just about Your Parents

I don’t want to dwell on what I may need in the future for care, so I’ve taken steps to create a plan. My Health Care Directive is completed (although I know I can make changes to it as I feel necessary). I’m re-working my will and I’ve purchased long term care insurance. You may have been on this journey with your parents, but what about your plan?Don’t wait until you can’t make the decision for yourself, or run out of money and need to rely on others. It’s time to look into the future and do your best to make a plan for the care you may need. These decisions are not necessarily easy to make, but they will provide you with a sense of “ahhhh” knowing that you’re being smart about your future.

On The Unexpected Caregiver Radio Show, I bring in guests who have information to help make your aging and caregiving journey a little smoother. I interview people who have stories you may identify with or resources that are useful.

Deb Newman, of Newman Long Term Care,
was in the studio with her energy, commitment, and smarts around long term care insurance. She knows that LTC insurance is not for everyone; but like me, she wants you to investigate your options so that you are as educated as possible about your long term care needs and how to pay for them.

Deb also informed listeners that as of April 15, two of the larger long term care insurance carriers will be increasing rates for women. This is the first gender-specific pricing for this insurance product, but because of increased life spans, the time has arrived. If you are a woman and have been considering long term care Deb suggests you call her today (and while you’re on the phone, ask her to send you a copy of their Women’s Guide to Long Term Care Planning: 612-454-4400).

I know…it’s another thing to do. But if you’re like me, I’m oftentimes motivated by deadlines. Let this increase in women’s premiums motivate you to make the call and ask the questions. Whether or not a long term care insurance policy is for you, I encourage you to investigate and create your plan. You can always contact me for coaching. I’m here for you.

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