Kari’s Brain Class Challenges

The goal of my brain classes seemed simple: look at the five areas of brain health, brainstorm what you’re currently doing well, what you’d like to add/change and how you’re going to support those changes.

It always seems easier in theory.

Then I went to an old friends’ website (Barbara Sher) and was struck by how one of her four principles to “getting everything you want” so aptly fits with our brain challenge: “Isolation is the dream killer, not your attitude.” In other words, simply thinking positive can not replace encouragement, accountability and support.

So get a buddy. Someone you trust and tell them what you’re trying to do. Check in once a week and celebrate the changes you’re making (even the small, itty bitty ones).

One of my brain health changes is to add two pieces of fruit into my daily diet. Seems simple, but I forget. So now I announce to my housemates when I’m cutting up fruit or eating a banana. I make a conscious effort to seek out support.

You’re in this for the long haul. Don’t get discouraged. Let me hear from you.

P.S. If you need help to get out of ruts and think more creatively, I highly recommend the Mental Fitness card deck. This tool will help you open your creative brain and support your brain health. It is one of the best tools I know of.

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