It’s not you; it’s your hormones

Thank you Dr. Sara Gottfried for reminding us to stop blaming ourselves and take a look at our biology. If our hormones are out of balance, we’re struggling against our selves. I gained invaluable insights into hormones during my radio interview with Dr. Sara: Caregiving and Hormones.

As women and as caregivers, we tend to give and give and give. Dr. Sara sees thousands of women in her medical practice. The majority of her patients fall into the classic definition of the family caregiver—a 50 year old woman, working full time, caring 20 hours a week for Mom or Mother-in-law. Just at the time in our lives when hormones are shifting like crazy. I get it. I’m there. And I am making small changes.

I posted on my personal Facebook page that “It was reported to me that a 20-something said of me, ‘She’s so upbeat, how can she be so full of energy…at…her…age.’” Aging isn’t a bad thing, but I haven’t thought of myself as a “woman of a certain age.” Guess what? I am entering my 50th year. Getting my hormones in balance, finding more peace, flexibility, and energy are important to me. I am a high-energy person, but lately, that energy has been harder to come by.

Besides making changes to my diet, I am also increasing my Yoga practice with the guidance of Michele Hoffman of Bluff Country Yoga. Michele specializes in “making Yoga accessible to people of all ages, sizes and abilities with a special emphasis on adapting to the needs of people in mid-life through the senior years.” Like Dr. Sara, Michele teaches us how to be in tune with our individual bodies.

We are not in control of our bodies at all times. Hormones can get out of whack. Stop blaming yourself: Listen to my show with Dr. Sara, find a practice for yourself (such as Yoga), and embrace your aging selves.

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