Expanding the Reach of The Unexpected Caregiver

The Unexpected Caregiver logoKari Berit Presents recently entered into a a strategic partnership with Neuger Communications Group, a Twin Cities-area communications firm. Our goal is to raise awareness and carriage of The Unexpected Caregiver radio show and to develop sponsorships to support the program.

The ultimate point, of course, is to get helpful information for caregivers and seniors out to a much wider audience, starting in Minnesota and adjacent states but with ambitious plans to extend this coverage across the country.

Our partnership arises out of a joint commitment to serving seniors. It draws on my expertise in talking with a variety of experts about issues of aging and caregiving in a frank, upbeat and supportive way. It draws as well on Neuger Communication Group’s expertise in branding, graphic design, web development and media relations.

Neuger Communications Group logo

Together we have developed a new graphic identity for The Unexpected Caregiver, created an information packet for stations and sponsors, and designed and developed the new Kari Berit website. We’ve been meeting with potential sponsors and getting program information out to stations.

You can help, too. If you listen to a radio station that you think would be a great fit for The Unexpected Caregiver, please give us a heads-up through our contact form. Likewise, if you have connections with a potential regional or national sponsor you feel would align well with The Unexpected Caregiver, please let us know.


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