Ew! Nanna and Pappa should not have sex

By Dak Gustal

Oh my! Did you know that sex is such a big deal?

I sure didn’t. I was surprised to find out that people think about and want to have sex even when they have wrinkles and gray hair.

Yeah, I took a look at this article about how people get fired when residents have sex in nursing homes, and also at this one about people that allow and expect it to happen.

Here’s what I notice:

  • where there was a hush hush cover up and then, shock of all shocks!, it comes out that people act like they always do sexually, even when they get older, people had to lose their jobs and,
  • where they talk about it and it’s not really shocking that people act like they always do sexually even when they get older, no one has to lose their job.

Hmm, seems like we should be talking about it. (And Kari Berit is; listen to her interview with Bloomberg reporter Bryan Gruley here.)

If you really want to know what the people without wrinkles yet (PW2[y])* think about the people with wrinkles (PW2) having sex, read the comments to those articles cited above.

I’ll sum it up for you so you don’t have to wade through the dreck:

“Ew! I don’t even want to think about that!”

This conversation isn’t meant for them (PW2[y]s), of course. They have their own issues to bury their heads in the sand about. They have acne and pregnancy and Miley Cyrus to worry about.

But at the Grownup Table, not only do we PW2s have to come to terms with human desires regarding our parents in institutions, we’re gonna want access to intimacy when it’s our turn in the home, right?

Think about this: our parents were the ones who didn’t discuss sex culturally, but Boomers were all about the sex in their youth. If this is an issue now, what can we expect when the population over 65 doubles? I’m thinking 100 shades of gray.

Well, the safe (normal? expected?) thing to do here would be to not talk about it and then react when it happens. Then we can all be surprised that Grampa Joe is shtupping his lady friend and cut him off from our attention and take steps to ensure he can’t have hers either.

This is a sure way to a better life for all, amIright?

Now let’s get back to tut-tutting about Miley again.

Youth is wasted on the young!

*Just say “Pee Dub Two Why.” Young people don’t have time for anything but acronyms, so I’m including some in case any of them accidentally read this article and want to twitter about it.

Dak Gustal is a freelance writer and poet living in Randoph, VT. You may contact him at st.augustus@gmail.com

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