Caregiving Consultation

Kari Berit offers individual caregiver support and has developed resources for caregiver support groups.

Are you worried about your parents, or other aging loved ones?

Do you sometimes feel like you have to figure out all the answers by yourself?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to talk to about it—someone other than your sibling, your colleague, or your hairdresser?

Kari Berit draws on years of experience as she helps you through the ups and downs of aging. But she also knows that sometimes what you need most is a good listener.

Aging is inevitable, but parents and children have many choices in how they respond to a range of issues around aging. Understanding what those choices are can make a real difference—a positive difference. You can find relief from worry as your parents have more satisfactory dealings with family, caregivers and others.

One-on-one consultation with Kari Berit

I work with families to cut through the emotions and come up with a plan to care for aging parents.

By appreciating all the implications of your parents’ aging, you can begin to manage critical issues that include stress management, housing, distance caregiving, government programs and—especially—family dynamics. Being well informed and feeling supported will help you deal with new realities, give yourself a break, possibly change some attitudes and even regain your sense of humor.

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