Can a Case Manager Help?

Whether or not you need a case manager to help you sort out Mom or Dad’s hospital stays depends on how many things you want to guess at, versus getting informed guidance.

Pam Miles, Clinical Director at St. Luke’s Hospital in Allentown, PA, was my guest on The Unexpected Caregiver last week. Ms. Miles presented a clear-cut and helpful introduction to the role of case managers.┬áTheir professional organization is American Case Management Association (, and they provide a rich definition of their role:

“Case Management in Hospital/Health Care Systems is a collaborative practice model including patients, nurses, social workers, physicians, other practitioners, caregivers and the community. The Case Management process encompasses communication and facilitates care along a continuum through effective resource coordination. The goals of Case Management include the achievement of optimal health, access to care and appropriate utilization of resources, balanced with the patient’s right to self determination.”

Case managers can be just what you need when Mom or Dad is being discharged. Their job is to be your guide, your support, and to find you resources. They translate medical information and provide a crucial role of collaborator. At a stressful time of hospitalization, case managers can be your guardian angel.

If you’re struggling with aging parent issues and need a listening ear, I’m here for you. Contact me using the contact form. You don’t have to do this caregiving journey alone.

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