Boosting brain health in Salt Lake City, UT

A 10-year-old asks questions about dementia

It wasn’t coffee that got me going today. My brain was in gear as I followed carefully plotted directions of how to get from the Avenues in Salt Lake City, UT, to the Sandy Library, about 30 miles south. I don’t know about you, but driving Interstates in an unfamiliar city with hand-written notes of how to get “there” shifts my brain into drive.

Kari and Family

Sandy Library boasts the most active circulation. It was bustling! And much to my delight, I had a 10-year-old join the session. Nick was attentive, eager to answer questions and loved the Mental Fitness card group activity ( He was in charge of his group!

Nick’s dad asked me how we’re going to prepare for all these aging Baby Boomers. “Keep bringing Nick to classes like this and you are part of the solution,” I replied.  This is how it ought to be. More Nick-aged folks participating in mental fitness classes—learning about their brains at a young age, understanding that normal aging does not equal memory loss and interacting with older adults in positive, upbeat and fun ways.

My second session was held at the Whitmore Library and we had a ruckus crowd! Three women walked over from the nearby apartments and kicked off the laughter. This group asked in-depth questions about dementia, participated eagerly and left wanting more. Excellent evening.

Thanks to our sponsors: Intermountain Health, Legacy Retirement Communities, Home Instead and Silverado and the Salt Lake County Libraries for their support.

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