A Look at Health Care Costs

Kari Berit interviews Michele Kimbal of MN AARP

Kari Berit interviews Michele Kimball of AARP

My insurance agent contacted me: Rates are going up again on my personal health insurance. I either accept the higher rate or reapply.

I don’t understand all the changes that are on the horizon for health care, and that’s one reason I interviewed Michele Kimball of MN AARP on The Unexpected Caregiver radio show. Michele clearly describes just a few of the benefits to family caregivers and their loved ones. In this time of sound-bite media, this is a refreshing interview on the Affordable Care Act.

And speaking of health care prices, my favorite assisted living nurse was on my radio show last Thursday, talking about how the cost of care can change with varying service levels in assisted living. Nurse Tina provides such clear examples and sound advice. Watch for a compilation of my Nurse Tina shows coming soon.

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