A Holiday Greeting tells of a Midlife Review

I love holiday greetings! All of them. However they show up–in pictures, form or personal letters, cards–it doesn’t matter. I relish reading them over this beautiful and sometimes overwhelming time of year.

For the first time, a second cousin of mine wrote a Christmas letter. I want to share with you her journey through a “midlife crisis”:

During the Fall I started ruminating over my past and realized, “I’m having my midlife crisis!” I guess everyone has to have a midlife review but I seriously hope it’s my three-quarter life review because I really don’t want to live to be 114 years old. To help myself resolve some things I booked a flight to San Diego, where I spend most of my young life. I didn’t know whether I would find that I still belonged there or whether I was going to say good-bye. All I knew was that I had to go. I went to all the houses where I had lived, visited all the schools and colleges. I reconnected with two friends from elementary school, had lunch with the neighbors from the last place I lived, who even arranged for me to see my last home in San Diego. I got to see what they had done with the house and see how trees that I had planted had grown in the last 30 years. I spent an afternoon with my cousin, and we looked at pictures and told stories and laughed and cried. I still have not processed all the feelings from my trip but I feel a lot better and happier.

Thank you my dear cousin. Your words touched my heart.

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