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Don’t Take Anything Personally

“Nothing others do is because of you,” says Don Miguel Ruiz in his book, The Four Agreements.

So when your mom says that she’s lonely because you don’t visit more often or your dad complains about living in assisted living because you couldn’t make room for him in your home, don’t take it personally. Easier said than done. Read more »

Why call yourself a caregiver?

November has been all about caregivers, but what, exactly, is a caregiver? Wilder Foundation has a beautiful campaign that addresses just this: What is a helps put a definition around the term caregiver. While you may think you’re just a daughter bringing mom a few groceries or just a son mowing the lawn for your aunt, you’re a caregiver. Why identify with this term?  Read more »

Life is.

“I let everything be as it is.” My radio show guest, author Coy F. Cross II, shared this quote by Adyashanti today. It might be a good quote to hang onto as you start or continue your caregiving journey. As a family caregiver, you can’t fix things. You aren’t necessarily called to play that role. Most of the time, we’re just supposed to be present for our loved one needing care. And that isn’t always easy.

But it doesn’t have to be difficult either. It just, well, is. “Life is our classroom. If we live consciously, life will present us the lessons we need for growth and we will see them as such.” (The Dhance, by Cross).

I wonder, what lessons about being a family caregiver have come your way recently? I’d love to hear from you.

Monitoring with Help

Aging in place is something many of us want for our parents and ourselves. We want to stay in own homes – wherever those homes may be. Monitor systems, emergency buttons and sensors can be part of making this a viable option. But are we as adult children or family caregivers ready to act on the information that we get from the various technologies?

Kari Berit and Bryan Fuhr in the Radio Studio

Kari Berit and Bryan Fuhr of Healthsense

I don’t know about you, but my father still gets slightly squeamish when he hears the word, “monitoring.” And yet according to my last radio show guest, Bryan Fuhr of Healthsense (, the majority of older adults he runs into welcome technology that will allow them to stay put. Read more »