Monthly Blog Archives: October 2012

Going over the Edge of Your Boundaries

This is what I will do and this is what I will not do. Seems simple enough. But when caring for a family member with whom you’ve shared a complicated relationship, staying within your boundaries is challenging.

I suffer from wanting to “make everything better,” and that’s when I tend to creep over the edge of my boundaries. It’s hard to see a loved one struggle, but if you don’t stay within your limits, you’ll soon be swallowed up by your caregiving role. Read more »

Your Story is Important

Every fall and spring I head to Concordia Language Villages, where I am in charge of a Norwegian Language and Culture Adult Week. And every year I hear stories from participants on their caregiving journeys. Because I have many repeat participants, I have been honored to walk alongside them for just a part of their caregiving journey. Here are snippets from my conversations (with small details changed to protect privacy):

  • Dad now lives alone and has begun to have wine with dinner. He may be drinking too much and I’m worried. What happens if he falls? And he wears a button around his neck, but he doesn’t remember to push it for help.
  • Mom has had another small stroke. She is now incontinent. She is becoming higher care. I’m tired.
  • Our friend no longer enjoys going out to coffee with his friends. He can hardly talk and is very unsteady on his feet. He mostly sits at home.

Our caregiving stories are important to share; others learn from them. I interviewed KYMN’s Tim Freeland, as Tim is on his grandmother’s caregiving team. Tim’s family is cutting nursing expenses and increasing contact in creative ways. Take a listen, then share your story.