Monthly Blog Archives: October 2010

It’s Your Brain: Choose to Shift Priorities

“This is not easy and it is not a “quick fix.” Says Dr. Paul Nussbaum, author of Save Your Brain( I know Paul’s integrity and dedication to bringing brain fitness to the forefront of all our agendas. It’s time to dive in. You’re in it for the long haul…so prepare yourself for setbacks and slow, steady progress. Journal about the changes you’re feeling and remember, with any challenge, put yourself on the gentle cycle. Read more »

Mental Fitness Challenge – Playing with your food (nutrition)

Why do you eat? Personally, my eating habits are often socially and emotionally based. To view food as strictly nutritional does not come naturally for me. Thus, this is not a typical food blog entry. This blog is about play. Read more »

Mental Fitness Challenge – The Five Areas of Brain Health

Ready to start contemplating changes you’d like to make to create a fitter brain?

Brainstorm in each of the five areas just what you’d like to improve. For example, in the area of nutrition, I am increasing the amount of fruit I eat. My diet has consistently been healthy, but I don’t eat a great deal of fruit. I will be working on adding in fruit. (More on the “how” later—for now, focus on the “what.”) Read more »

Mental Fitness Challenge – Ego

You may or may not know me. I am Kari’s intern, Sarah. Kari and I met last fall when I attended her class on cross-generational communication after seeing a flyer in the bank. Following the first session, we had coffee every Thursday until I graduated in May and currently I function as contributor to the Mental Fitness Challenge and intern.

For my first brian exercise, I joined an online dating site. Read more »