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Mental Fitness Challenge – Changes

Change. Some of us can’t wait to take it on and others run from it. I view myself as a person who enjoys change, but when it comes to creating new habits, I tend to resist it.

We know exercise is good for our bodies, but do we do it? We understand that bad habits increase in intensity as we age, but do we change them? Eating lots of veggies and fruits is still a great idea, but isn’t always the immediate choice. Read more »

Kari Berit Personalizes Caregiving

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Star Tribune article features Kari Berit – Learning how to care as parents age

Learning how to care as parents age

Caring for aging parents often means establishing a new relationship, one adult to another.
By KIM ODE, Star Tribune

Logically, it’s not as if baby boomers couldn’t have seen this coming. Except that they’re — heh — baby boomers, and the conventional wisdom is that caring for aging parents requires them to 1) admit their mortality, and 2) come to grips with the fact that they can’t talk to their parents without someone ending up shouting. Read more »

Kick off to Kari Berit’s Mental Fitness Challenge

Are you brain fit? I’ve been teaching brain fitness for years and now, it’s time to turn inward. Take the plunge and expose all my habitual cobwebs. I’ve created a brain fitness team, brave friends and colleagues who are willing to shake up their daily routines to achieve greater brain health. Read more »