Here is what clients have to say about Kari Berit’s speaking engagements (see client list here):

“Hearing Kari speak engaged me in a way I hadn’t expected. With her combination of humor, examples from her own family, and clear organization of her material, she had the attention and appreciation of everyone in the room. When they got a chance to apply her lessons in their own lives, they were ready to go – and to take the lessons home to share with their parents, children and grandchildren.” [Full review here]
—Barbara Christenson, Founder, The Speak Well Being Group

“Kari ignited the audience with her humorous and thought-provoking keynote address entitled, Help! I’m Turning Into My Mother. Her knowledge and presentation style evoked conversations throughout the day on the myths of aging, and how to manage the natural process of aging.”
—K. Frydman, MSA, Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital

“Kari’s discussion hits on the emotional part of long term care needs. It gets to the heart of the clients’ concerns. It is not a typical sales seminar; it was informative, entertaining and opens the door for agents to have conversations with clients afterwards.”
—Kevin Lehman, Agency Field Executive, State Farm Insurance

“Kari’s presentation exceeded my expectations and contributed to one of our best meetings ever.”
—Roxann Rogers Meyer, Immanuel Senior Living, NE

“Kari Berit is a dynamic and engaging speaker … She used touches of humor to make the audience feel that the emotions and stresses of caregiving are shared by everyone and that it is okay to feel frustrated at times.”
—Denise Smith, National Association for Family & Community Education

”Kari Berit’s knowledge, combined with her exuberant personality and presentation style, energized and equipped our staff with tools, information and insight.”
—J. Schlagenhaft, St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center

“You were informative, motivating and just right for our luncheon speaker.”
—Dawn Simonson, President, Minnesota Gerontological Society

“Your approach to these topics [caregiving & brain fitness] is respectful, humorous, direct and engaging. I know that we all left the room motivated to engage our families in more meaningful dialogue.”
—Susan Meyer, Esq., Ungaretti & Harris, LLP

“Your presentation was one of the most worthwhile hours I spent.”
—P. Okubo, MN

“Kari’s attitude and enthusiasm radiates a passion for her work that comes through during her presentation and in casual conversation.”
—Dolores Johansen, COTA, Grand Rapids Dominican Sisters

“Your keynote message was uplifting and meaningful, with a touch of humor.”
—WELCA Synod Assembly

“Kari is a dynamic and talented speaker who delivers informative messages in an interesting and entertaining way. She is an absolute pleasure to work with, and remained professional and accommodating throughout the Conference planning process.”
—K. Frydman, MSA, Upper CT Valley Hospital

“Kari Berit got the tough ‘right after lunch’ slot … She did a great job holding our attention … and sharing stories that would help us ‘get it.’ Kari’s energy & presentation [exceeded] expectation.”
—Janice Rasmussen, AAC, Region 7 Activities

“Kari’s story-telling, wit, humor and expertise provided a lively format to some sensitive issues of caring when one has very little training in this intergenerational issue. Several exercises which stimulate brain functioning helped participants understand her points in the aging process.”
Rev. Larry J. Giese, Lord of Life Lutheran, ND

“It will be long before we forget you, Kari. You made a real impression on us. I still marvel at your ability to keep up that energetic pace ALL WEEK! The evaluations, naturally, consistently speak highly of you as a teacher and as energetic [and] enthusiastic…”
—Sister Anne Marie, OSB, Mount St. Benedict Center, Crookston, MN

“Kari was very supportive and knowledgeable. She has a very dynamic personality which keeps our attention and keeps the information realistic and applicable.”
—C. M., Proctor and Gamble, Mehoopany, PA

“Kari spoke on the topic of Mental Fitness and met our request to tie spirituality into her presentation to fit the needs of our population. She did her ‘homework’ and came well prepared and knowledgeable of the lifestyle, charism and mission of the Grand Rapids Dominican Sisters.”
—Dolores Johansen, COTA, Grand Rapids Dominican Sisters

“Our work crosses the different generations, and Kari helped us understand the generation gaps and how to overcome those gaps through effective communication. Kari also enlightened us with personal stories that had relevance and meaning for each of us.”
—Roxann Rogers Meyer, Immanuel Senior Living, NE

“Kari Berit … danced, sang, joked and partied her way into our hearts. Thanks a heap.”
—B. Laudon, St. Olaf College Elderhostel

“Kari is a dynamic speaker with a great sense of humor. She makes the hour fly and we hate to see her conclude. She was the highlight of our week.”
—Art Merims, President, Art Merims Communications, Cleveland, OH

“Kari kept the seminar hopping and kept the group interested. She made the subject fun to talk about.”
—R. Hamilton F&PS, Rochester, MN

A partial list of Kari’s satisfied clients:

  • 3 M
  • Alzheimer's Association-UT
  • American Society on Aging
  • Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church
  • Brigham Young University, Gerontological Conf.
  • Case Managers Association (ACMA) of Minnesota
  • Cedar Sinai Park
  • Charles Schwab
  • Colorado Housing & Finance Authority
  • Concordia Language Villages
  • Good Samaritan
  • Grand Rapids Dominican Sisters
  • Health Education
  • Home Instead
  • Immanuel Health Systems
  • Immanuel Senior Living
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Kimberly-Clark
  • Leading Age, Minnesota
  • Lord of Life Lutheran Church
  • Minnesota Area Agencies on Aging
  • Minnesota Gerontological Society
  • National Assn for Family & Community Ed
  • National Association of Activity Professional
  • Nebraska Health Care Association
  • Northfield Retirement Community
  • Sacred Heart Hospital
  • Sanford Health Foundation
  • St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center
  • State Farm Insurance
  • Sunrise Assisted Living
  • Thrivent Financial
  • University of Minnesota
  • Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital
  • Wells Fargo
  • Wilder Foundation Senior Housing
  • Women of the ELCA