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Family caregiving disrupts our lives. It changes how we think, how attentive we are at work, how we make financial decisions and how we feel about ourselves. It’s a topic we sweep under the rug because it can bring up a whole boatload of unresolved issues. And who wants to start that conversation?

I do. And I welcome opportunities to speak about these emotional issues in front of large audiences and on a personal level, meeting with families. I bring a unique combination of energy, warmth and over 25 years of both professional and personal experience in the field of senior housing, family caregiving and aging. Please listen to an interview about my SANE Method and check out my videos below. I look forward to hearing from you and supporting you on this challenging and joyful journey.

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Speaking Segments

Kari is a dynamic speaker on the topics of aging, caregiving, elder care and brain fitness. More videos are available on her YouTube channel.

Staying SANE

Kari talks about ways families cope with caregiving.

Mental Fitness is Key!

Kari discusses how mental fitness is key to aging well.